Sergio Torres Torres
10 Years of Front Page News (58 Drawings) // 10 Años de Noticias de Primera Plana (58 Dibujos)
Unfinished song or A pyramid is a Structure that Grows and Falls

You were on the front page of the LATimes
I saw you there on May 2nd
Thinking and remembering you,
I spent ten years drawing your face

I still wake up wondering
What happened to you?
What happens to me?
You are gone and  I am still here

We marched from point A to point B
There were people coming and going
We marched and marched in the early morning
We were on TV too

Wear white
Wear white, they said
A uniformed message works best

At point B there were TV cameras and camera men
Their lenses pointed at the crowd
Cameras were rolling
Helicopters buzzing high above the crowd

Wear white
Wear white, they said
A uniformed visual looks best

A pyramid, three-levels high, appeared